The latest Greta painting, "Greta in Paris", just completed (and sold)

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Greta in Paris

Announcing a new picture book app for your iPad.

"This Is the Life!", by Sasha Rubel, is a narrated picture book that continues the adventures of Greta. A must for high-spirited people everywhere. Full color. Fully illustrated. Narration track. Now available in the iTunes store!

"I bought your delightful book, and love it! It's so beautiful and fanciful; it's a picture book for both children and adults alike."     --Sue C.

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Sasha in The News-GazetteRead the story from the "Getting Personal" feature of The News-Gazette, in which Sasha Rubel discusses dancing at Mabel's, kids, and Shiny Object Syndrome.

Greta's first t-shirt!

Greta's scoop-neck t-shirtThe results of the voting are in, and by a narrow margin, the favorite t-shirt was the fitted scoop-neck design with the Greta logo. Silk-screened, for highest quality. Only $14.99, plus $3 shipping. Get yours today!

Extra large



Make your own Greta

Gotta Get DressedDress Greta up in the outfits and accessories you like best, and print out your own Greta.

See Sasha Rubel's Website

Gotta Get features many more paintings and drawings by Sasha Rubel.